ChillBar misses you.

Due to the public health crisis, chillbar is temporarily closed.

Q: Why are you closed? 

A: The Yellow Green Farmers Market is closed so we are also closed. There's a bit of a international thing going on. If you don't know what's happening, ask your neighbor (from at least six feet away) what they know about the world.

Q: Is there anything the loyal Chillbarbarians can do to help The Becker family make it through this time? 

A: Yes! As we are a small family business and Chillbar is our sole source of income, we would appreciate you purchasing from us (and other local small businesses) a gift card to be used when we can all gather again in person. It's nice for you to save for later and it provides us with critical income. 

You can buy a gift card on our home page by clicking the yellow Buy Now button.

Q: What advice do the wise Chef Chill and the Empress have for us in these trying times?

A: Keep calm and carry on. Our existence is only possible if we all find in ourselves love and compassion for our fellow human being. More than ever, we will only make it out of this as one big human family!


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