ChillBar Chill Drinks

$6 each

All our lemonades are made with organic sugar and a mint agave rim

Sparkling Ginger Lemonade

Sparkling Lavender Lemonade

Sparkling Lemonade

Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade

Skyler’s Special Hibiscus Tea Lemonade

Fresh Coconut Water with pineapple, ginger, and coconut flakes

Iced Coffee

Iced Hibiscus Tea

ChillBar Hot Drinks

$7 each

French Press Coffee Pot

Organic Hot Tea Pot

ChillBar Libations

Mimosa Bar

$10 each

Pear Lychee

Peach Ginger

Violet Rose

Lemon Basil

White Chocolate

Mango Honey

Blueberry Pomegranate

Pineapple Orange

Blood Orange


Orange Pineapple

Ginger Raspberry


Green Tea

Specialty Drinks

$12 each


Classic Mojito - Fresh cold pressed sugarcane juice with mint and lime

Summer Lovin’ Mojito - Habanero lime, cucumber and lime

Lah-Lahtini - Fresh ginger lemonade, champagne, and a candy ginger rim

Cutini - cucumber, cilantro, lime, fresh mint and vodka

Cocotini - Coconut milk, pineapple juice and spiced rum with a coconut flake rim

Lemon Bourbon Blast - Lemonade, ginger, and bourbon with a cinnamon sugar rim

Gazpacho Robert - Vodka, tomato juice, cilantro salsa, lime, fresh herbs, hot and spicy with Himalayan pink sea salt

Dahlrita - Fresh lime juice, orange juice, triple sec, gold tequila and cilantro with a Himalayan pink sea salt

Empress Chilltini - Elderflower, lychee, vodka, and basil lemon sugar rim

Blooming Dragon - Champagne and a candied hibiscus flower that blooms in your glass!

Chili Mango Basil Saketini - Sweet chili sauce and a basil rim with mango, champagne and sake

Darius Delight - Dessert pear, pineapple, tequila, champagne, with basil rim

To Begin Your Journey


Goat cheese, sheep’s milk feta, and brie, with our blueberry cinnamon sambal, cheese dabs, famous homemade fig jam, and multigrain crackers with a bouquet of fresh herbs $18


Basket of Croissants

4 multigrain croissants served with organic jam and  fresh sweet cream butter $12



House made blend with miso, olive oil, fresh herbs, and lemon, served with organic chips $8


Chill Salsa

Black bean corn salsa,with feta and mint, served with organic corn chips $8


Sampler Plate

Our hummus, tomatillo, and Chill Salsa served with whole wheat pita and vegetables $16


Stuffed Grape Leaves

5 stuffed grape leaves drizzled with white miso dressing, served on a bed of arugula with feta and fresh thyme. $8


Chill Plate

A sharing plate served with dates, roasted red peppers, stuffed grape leaves, goat cheese, tomatillo, chill salsa, and hummus $18

ChillBar Salads

Add salmon or shrimp to any salad for $6

Choice of grilled or blackened


Chill Salad

Fresh organic mixed greens topped with a three bean salad, sheep’s milk feta, cucumbers, and our homemade tomato, onion, peppers, cilantro salsa vinaigrette $12


Adventure Salad

Mixed greens served with southern egg salad, curried chicken salad, and roasted salmon salad; choose between a white miso and a dijon vinaigrette $14


Summer Tomato Sliders

Fresh sliced tomatoes served with curried chicken salad, classic egg salad, and herbed tuna salad on a bed of arugula $12

All Day Brunch


Luscious Savannah Shrimp and Grits

Six large shrimp sauteed with red peppers, turkey bacon, garlic, and shallots in a white wine cream sauce, over ChillBar grits and organic poached eggs $18


Hunter’s Baked Stuffed Salmon

Fresh salmon stuffed with dates, candied pecans, fresh herbs, green onions, artichoke hearts and three cheeses served over basmati rice with a Chill salad $16


Fabulous French Toast Supreme

Challah bread soaked in a mix of organic eggs, pure vanilla, cinnamon, and freshly grated nutmeg, served with caramelized bananas, organic butter, and homemade organic syrup $14


Famous Chill Eggs

Two sunny-side up herbed eggs graced with mango chutney and sweet chili sauce, blackened salmon, parmesan cheddar polenta drizzled with white truffle oil, served with a multigrain croissant and autumn chutney $15


Miss Lillian’s Sausage and Eggs

Sweet Italian turkey sausage with herbed scrambled eggs, parmesan cheddar polenta drizzled in white truffle oil, served with a multigrain croissant and autumn chutney $16


Best Buttermilk Pancake Trio

Three large organic buttermilk pancakes, turkey bacon, and fresh herbed scrambled eggs with our homemade organic butter and syrup $16


Tallahassee Southern Biscuits and Gravy

Made with homemade organic biscuits, all natural, turkey sausage, herbed eggs, parmesan cheddar polenta drizzled in white truffle oil, and autumn chutney $16

New England Macaroni and Cheese

baked with artisan three cheese sauce over sauteed baby greens topped with herbed panko bread crumbs laced in white truffle oil and two grilled blackened shrimp with a side salad $16


Chill Benedict

Grilled polenta topped with blackened salmon, two poached eggs, herb crusted shrimp all smothered in citrus saffron hollandaise with an artisan salad and autumn chutney $18


Chesapeake Bay Crab Hash and Eggs

Two fried eggs, fresh crabmeat, organic potatoes, red peppers, garlic, onions, and fresh herbs laced with a lemon saffron hollandaise served with an artisan salad, croissant and autumn chutney $18


Blueberry Pancakes

Our amazing buttermilk pancakes layered with blueberry cream cheese served with blueberry butter and our homemade organic syrup $16


Dahlberg Blackened Salmon Sandwich

Served on toast with challah bread with lemon zest, mango chutney, fresh basil, white cheddar and a Chill salad $16


Chef’s Omelettes


Made with three farm fresh organic eggs, sea salt, fresh herbs, and served with parmesan cheddar polenta drizzled in white truffle oil, a multigrain croissant, autumn chutney, and a Chill salad $16


French Quarter - sautéed crab, mushrooms in white wine, with dill and brie


Southside - sheep’s milk feta, artichoke hearts, shrimp, diced tomatoes, fresh thyme and garlic


Napa Valley - herbed goat cheese and homemade fig jam


Pennsylvania - fresh herbs filled with turkey bacon, grilled onions, cheddar cheese and sautéed baby greens


New Orleans - crawfish étouffée and shrimp in a spicy creole sauce




Ask about our desserts of the day!



Madison’s Meals (Ages 10 and Under)

We love to make special meals for little ChillBarbarians!


Short stack pancakes $8


Scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and a croissant $8


Mac and Cheese $8


Fruit Salad $8

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